Jackson is perhaps the best kept secret in the southeastern United States. It boasts a rich culture of literature, music, food, hospitality, and art. This has earned the capital city of Mississippi the motto "City With Soul." Making that motto ring even more true is Sanaa Gallery.

Sanaa Fine Art and Framing features an exciting blend of two-dimensional art (paintings, photography, drawings, etc.), three-dimensional sculpture and artisan jewelry. From powerful impressionistic paintings to elegant figurative work to intricate wood burnings to detailed free-standing sculpture to expressive non-representational abstracts - we offer an eclectic collection of work that reflects the soulfulness of Jackson.

Sanaa Gallery also offers
Full Service Custom Framing. A state-of-the-art ordering system allows computer visualization of customers' artwork and framing options on a large screen monitor, alleviating the anxiety that comes from choosing framing for valued items. We only use carefully selected mouldings and framing materials, as well as up-to-the-minute techniques to insure that customers' treasures are preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Sanaa Gallery opened its doors in July 2008 as the materialization of a vision for the Jackson arts scene. Its proprietor, Lorenzo D. Gayden, saw that there was a need and a market for a more diversified art scene. An accomplished artist himself, Mr. Gayden wanted to create a venue that welcomed all artistic expression, especially that which emerged from the vibrant African-American community that nurtured and shaped his world view. As a highly experienced custom framer and a classically trained artist, he brings a wealth of knowledge perfectly suited to give Sanaa a competitive edge in providing framing services.

Helping to make this vision a reality was a grant from the
2007 Miller Urban Entrepreneur Series (MUES) competition, an annual competition which recognizes outstanding young business leaders from across the nation. Sanaa Gallery was one of only 12 national recipients, and was the first recipient from Mississippi in the 8 years that the competition has existed.

In Sanaa, patrons will experience a gallery space designed to provide the sophisticated ambiance of larger metropolitan areas with the warmth that is particular to Jackson. Come and experience the Sanaa difference, and turn your life into a work of art.

In addition to gallery space, we now have a Boutique, offering some of the finest natural, organic soaps and lotions, hand-crafted jewelry, hand-dipped incense, and gift ideas. This fulfills the dual meaning of the word Sanaa, which translates to "a work of art or beauty."