Custom Framing Services

Sanaa Custom Framing has hundreds of top-quality frame choices available which can be custom crafted to fit you artwork. We offer in-home consultation, pick-up, delivery, rush ordering (1-2 days) and installation.

We work with each individual client to choose framing that suits the art we use color theory, design elements, and over 12 years of experience to guide you through various framing options including:

Mats - Single or multiple matting. Conservation-quality acid-free, designer, and museum rag mat available with hand-painted bevels, dimensional offsets, and v-grooves. Premium fabric mats also available

Fillets - mini-frames that are added to frames or mats to bring out texture, color, and dimension

Glazing - Clear and non-glare, both available with ultra-violet (UV) protection. For the absolute best aesthetics and protection, we offer Museum Glass which is virtually invisible while providing UV protection.

Dry Mounting - For permanently mounting art of little value for flat presentation, particularly for wrinkled and thin items

Museum/archival mounting - reversible mounting techniques that maintain the integrity of the art.

Stretching - for loose canvases (bars) and needle art (board substrate)

Sew Mounting - fragile fabric art and object

Liners - typically used for canvases that will be presented without mats and glass, although liners can be used with glass

Frames (Moulding) - 1 or more frames assembled to achieve the desired look, taking into account the desired width, depth, and design. We work with each individual client to choose framing that suits the art and the decor in which it will be placed

Fit - The appropriate backing and hanging hardware to complete you work of art.

Installation - The proper securing of artwork to walls for viewing based on wall material type, weight of artwork, and amount of traffic near art. We offer professional installation for your finished order.
Custom Framing and Installation in Methodist Rehabilitation Center

So, why is Custom Framing so expensive?

Custom Framing is to your artwork what Custom Tailoring is to your body. Precise measurements are taken of your art, so that each component (frame, matting, backing board, glazing/glass, etc.) can be cut to fit it perfectly. This is a time intensive process involving specialized techniques, equipment and premium quality raw materials. This differs from mass produced or department store framing, where your size and style choices are limited, materials are many times inferior, and employees are not adequately trained to consult with clients and frame artwork properly.

At Sanaa Custom Framing, we have over 13 years of experience in this field. We have researched long and hard to find the absolute BEST prices available for custom framing materials, and we pass the savings along to you, our customers. Compare our regular prices to other local area framers’ sale prices, and you will see that we have the best prices in Jackson for custom framing with no sacrifice in quality. Also, we offer special discounts for bulk/multiple orders, and to the Artistic Community. So, let Sanaa save you time and money while turning you life into a Work of Art!